Little Sowing- An agriculture Robot made

2020-09-21     Chinese Academy of Agricultural

When the fruit is ripe, a large number of fruit farmers will participate in the transportation and packing of the fruit in the orchard. This is a job that requires a lot of labor. However, in recent years, the rural labor force has shown a trend of aging and high costs, which has caused an increase in transportation costs and a decline in efficiency to a certain extent. In order to alleviate the impact of this situation on fruit production, the Smart Agriculture Innovation Team of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences has developed an intelligent follow-me delivery robot, which is called the Little Sowing, as shown in Figure 1. The Little Sowing adopts the SCOUT 2.0 all-round robot chassis of Agilex Robotics. And the upper equipped with functional modules such as LiDAR, remote control ground station, follow me module, voice recognition and playback system, etc. Using autonomous driving, obstacle avoidance, stable following, human and machine voice interaction and other technologies, according to the manually set transportation route, cycling driving, to help the farmer achieve repeated fast, time-saving and low cost transportation operations in the specified region to reduce the farmer transportation burden ensures the transportation efficiency at the collection site.