AgileX Robotics Completes Series A Funding Round For Next-Gen Commercial Mobile

In July 2021, AgileX Robotics, a leading provider of mobile robot chassis and customized unmanned driving solutions, has completed a round of funding on a cutting-edge commercial mobile robotics project.

AgileX Robotics Unveils Mobile Manipulator Development Platform A high-precision

The AgileX Mobile Manipulator is a easy configuration system that can achieve robust autonomous performance of accurate grasping operations, autonomous positioning and navigation, route planning and obstacle avoidance.

Customer case sharing| Let’ s see how Beijing Institute of Technology applies RO

Based on the AgileX Robotics wire-controlled mobile chassis, a team from Beijing Institute of Technology creatived the “Based on ROS unmanned mobile platform software development practice” course.

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Use Case丨AgileX Robotics Teams Up With China Construction Third Engineering Bure

Recently, A mobile robot for road high-precision measuring from China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co.,Ltd has completed 20 kilometers road test in Wuhan Four Ring Road, marks that the robot can be used in engineering environment.

Customer case|Robot development project of the School of Control Science and Eng

Let's take a look at how the team of the School of Control Science and Engineering of Zhejiang University use the AgileX mobile robot platform to quickly reproduce the conventional functions of the robot in a week.

Trainees visited AgileX Robotics for technical communcation

October 24, 2020, undergraduates in industrial design major from the School of System Design and Intelligent Manufacturing (SDIM) of Southern University of Science and Technology of China, as well as 2019 and 2020 graduate students, went to AgileX Ro

Use Case | AgeliX Robotics Advance Smart Agriculture Management For Tanjiawan

Today, the case we shared from Cloudfarm proving ground of Tanjiawan Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, to see how it has been transformed into the capital of Internet after a millennium, using the high technology brought by the Internet.

AGILEX ECO :ROS training courses at National University of Singapore

The ROS training course conducted by our Singapore agents at the National University of Singapore. The training course mainly around how to develop robot applications, how to understand the development tools used by robots in different environments,

AGILEX ECO | Active SLAM, Follow Me and Multi-point Navigation base on ROS Gazeb

Three simulation videos contributed by Dr. Xianyu Qi from the Bionic Mobile Robot Laboratory of the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation BUAA, to see how developers realize #ActiveSlam #Followme #Multi-targetsNavigation based on the open-s

Customer Cases Sharing (Part One)

We would like to share where our users use the chassis after secondary development and what functions have been implemented. Are these application scenarios and functions exceed your expectations? Now let's check it out.

Customer Case:THUNDER Disinfection Robot Deployed in Hongkong by Bonbon Robotics

In July 2020, our Bonbon Robotics Company introduced a Disinfection epidemic prevention robot – Thunder. It was specially modified by the AgileX Robotics Company because of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Customer Case: Desert Ecological Restoration Magician - Tree Planing Robot

In order to turn more deserts into oasis, the scientific research team of software engineering institute of East China Normal University, took the newly designed and developed ‘Tree Planting Robot’ to do the planting tests in Alxa, Inner Mongolia

Little Sowing- An agriculture Robot made by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural

The Intelligent Agriculture Innovation Team of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences has developed a smart follow-me delivery robot, which is called the Little Sowing. Let's see how Little Sowing works.

A 10-Day Dash to Build Robots That Fight COVID-19--Mobile Robots Help Disinfect

A 10-Day Dash to Build Robots That Fight COVID-19--Mobile Robots Help Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces

Battling COVID-19 with disinfecting robots

Battling COVID-19 with disinfecting robots

5G network controlling coronavirus robot army 'disinfecting' China's disease cit

5G network controlling coronavirus robot army 'disinfecting' China's disease cities